Brides often ask us how long before their wedding should they be looking for their bridal gown. Well my answer is that it is never too early to start looking. The Bridal gown is the most important choice of the wedding day (apart from the groom himself, of course)

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Everything is chosen around this wedding dress. For example, you cannot choose the bridesmaids dresses until you have the bridal gown and you cannot choose the colour of the day until you have the bridesmaids dresses, as they will give you the exact colour match. Once these decisions are made then you can sort out the boys outfits, the mums can choose their colours and you can decide on the flowers, cake and venue colour schemes etc.


Most wedding dresses are ordered in and can take up to 4 to 5 months to arrive. You then have to allow fitting time (as the gown is normally ordered in to your nearest size you will probably need it to be fitted perfectly to you ie length and bust etc. Fittings are usually extra so you must allow for this) we normally ask you to allow about 5-6 weeks and should be started about 6 weeks before your wedding.

AND on top of all this you need to FIND your DREAM wedding dress, which is not always from the first shop to go to (Unless it is our shop 😉 ) So the answer is at least 6 to 8 months before the wedding.

As one of the wedding photographers here at Brides Visited since 1993, I have had many years experience assisting my bride and grooms before, during and after the big event. My husband John Langridge is also one of our wedding photographers and I would be confident to say probably one of the top wedding photographers in the South of England if not the UK.

So if you require experience, knowledge or advice from one who can help with anything to do with the planning of your day, even down to giving venue ideas, then look no further.

Best of luck and enjoy all your planning, try and keep the stress levels down but don’t even try and keep to those budgets, I don’t think it’s possible. x


“Win Your Bridal Gown” Competition Results


Congratulations to our winners Charley Pearce and Emma Read


The winners were announced at The Wedding Show at Sandown Park wedding fair last Sunday.  Our runner-up was Emma Read to whom we gave a cheque towards the cost of her wedding dress and the winner Charley Pearce a cheque for the full cost of her bridal gown.

Congratulations and best wishes to you both from all of us here at Brides Visited

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twsLet us know the county you are getting married in


We will put everybody who commented into a draw and will put the tickets for the winners at the front desk at Sandown Wedding Show

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