Do you Need a Professional Wedding Photographer?

(Twenty years of photographing weddings – I should write a book!)

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The role of a Photographer, well….Apart from taking photographs we are often your unpaid wedding planner and problem solver, we are also the bridal dresser and the knotter of cravats, the negotiator and the stand in Chauffeur. We have even mended bouquets and bridesmaid dresses, made the sandwiches so Mum can get ready and oh, even been a witness to the marriage.

We will do what it takes to make your wedding day the best it can be.  We are one of the few people going to be with you for that length of time during your wedding day.


As a photographer we need to be a diplomat, an entertainer, a contortionist and a good organizer as well as know how to take great photographs and create great images under every situation and condition.  We have to be quick but still be able to give attention to detail.  Be able to make snap decisions, (excuse the pun) under sometimes very demanding circumstances and always looking for those great “Grab Shots”.

We can’t mess up mobates DSC_4736ments like the first kiss, the exchange of rings or the Confetti shot.  We can’t not do that now because it’s raining, or too sunny, or we have run out of time.  We are constantly adjusting the camera settings so that everything that we want in focus is in focus, and the photograph isn’t going to be under or over exposed. We are calculating the best places to capture the best images under every condition and all types of weather and at all types of venues.



We have to have great people skills

Nervous bride and grooms, emotional families, small children who just don’t want to be in the photographs, oh and now they do.  Guests with cameras who just want to get that shot before us and need to stand just where we are and oh ‘sorry can you give me a minute I can’t remember how to turn this smart phone onto camera’ We wedding photographers have a lot to deal with and not forgetting we do have schedules to keep to and an agenda to meet.

NOT going according to plan
The bridal prep not able to keep to schedule, maybe the hairdresser or make-up artist has not finished on time.  The flowers haven’t arrived yet, the bridesmaids are stuck in traffic, nobody can remember how to do up the back of the bridal gown.  “Has anyone seen the bride’s tiara and shoes?”  “Where has the Father of the Bride gone?”  We still need to get those images you have dreamed so long for.Bonnie copy

We have to capture the emotions you are feeling, at your very best angles, sometimes without letting on that the camera’s on you.  Whilst remaining as unobtrusive at all times. We have to be able to tactfully work around your guests who can get in our way, and can be difficult about having their photo taken.

Basically, we have to become a master in speed and diplomacy, quietly and carefully appeasing and rearranging just in time to make sure we are there to capture another magic moment.

Once we have photographed your wedding we then have to have the skills to design your wedding album.  We need to be knowledgeable with different computer programmes and have an eye for design to bring your wedding to life again, and to give you the memories of the day that will last forever.

Do you need a professional photographer?
Lorraine Langridge – Brides Visited