Weddings can be very stressful occasions for all concerned – the bride, the groom, the parents, the best man and many more.

When we’re stressed we’re less likely to think clearly and operate effectively. Minor setbacks can suddenly seem like insurmountable problems. We tend to underestimate our ability to cope and as a result we create an even bigger issue in our minds.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Hypnotherapy is an ideal tool for dealing with such situations. Using proven, fast effective techniques, hypnotherapy can quickly help achieve a state of calm physical and mental  relaxation. When we’re relaxed we think clearly, rationally and confidently. We see things as they really are and we’re more likely to find solutions and take positive action. Things that used to seem difficult can now be taken in our stride. 

And that’s not all.

Brain scan experiments show that when we imagine doing something during hypnosis, we use exactly the same part of the brain as when we do it in real life.

This means that hypnotherapy allows us to successfully visualise, rehearse and perfect those situations that many people worry about – the ceremony, the speeches, the presentations and so on.

So, don’t take any chances, let hypnotherapy help you enjoy a happy and successful day. 

Brett Hindson is a successful and experienced clinical hypnotherapist and a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Brett Hindson BA (Hons) D.HYP PDCBHyp MBSCH


Brett@ResultsHypnosis.co.uk  07768613866



Looking forward to meeting lots of brides this coming sunday at Bourne Hall wedding fair. I shall be styling the models hair for the fashion show and will be on hand to answer any questions brides may have regarding their wedding hair. The first thing brides usually say to me is  ”I can’t find a style I like, I’ve looked all over the internet and theres nothing!”  My answer is all ways the same, ‘You won’t find an exact picture, you will need to look at it from a different perspective.’  
When you look at a style, is there something you like about it? do you love the back but hate the front ? thats fine , you’ve now found how you’d like the back to look like. Now look at front  and side views of other styles , even if you are thimkimg of having hair down look at updo’s  and vice versa!
Gradually you will begin to imagine the completed style. Collect lots of pictures of bits of styles you like ,but also show me some you don’t like . It  really helps me to see your likes and dislikes.

2012 designs now in

For the biggest collection of Prom gowns  in Surrey

Dynasty, Impression, Xcite, Xtreme, Hannah S, Blue Moon to name just a few

Prices from £120

Sizes 0 – 18

Buy your Prom dress before the end of the School half term and get 10% discount!!!

Just a teaser to show you just a few brand new designs that will be on the Fashion show at Bourne Hall wedding fair, 29th Jan 11am til 4pm – Dont miss our great show offers.

What should you be doing in the last few exciting hours before the big day? Here are our 10 top tips for last-minute wedding planning…

1. Start writing out thank you cards for presents as you receive them

2. Organise your honeymoon essentials –  passports, tickets, travel money

3. Buy any last-minute details

Organise a dress rehearsal before the big day

4. Check on final payments for suppliers. How do they need these? Cash? Cheque? On the day or before? If they do require payment on the day, put the cash in an envelope and ask your mum or chief bridesmaid to take care of this on the day

5. Put together a Bridal Bag! Lipstick, deodorant, face wipes, Rescue Remedy, tissues, perfume, eyeliner, hairspray and dry shampoo, mints, safety pins, sewing kit, list of phone numbers for suppliers, eye drops, paracetamol

6. Make sure you have your something old, new, borrowed and blue!

7. Put all your accessories in one place

8. Have a trying on session. Organise a dress rehearsal with your bridesmaids to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, and get the men to do the same!

9. Make a list of duties for the main members of the wedding party and the tasks you expect them to perform

10. Make sure you have bought your bridesmaids’ gifts and organised a thank you gift for the mums. These are usually handed out by the best man during his speech.

“Hi ladies
I am so sorry that, having promised to send you some pictures of Gail in her beau-ti-ful wedding dress which we bought from your shop last year, we have totally failed to do so.
The wedding (on 14 May) went brilliantly and Gail looked fantastic.
Hopefully it’s a case of “better late than never” and I attach a couple of photos.  Everyone loved the dress and I want to thank you so much for all the help you gave us in choosing a gorgeous dress for her special day.
Hazel Causer”
Congratulations to the stunning Bride & Groom from all at Brides Visited

New Xcite & Xtreme Prom now in

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Just taken delivery of some fabulous prom gowns, from Dynasty, Eternity, Blue Moon, Hannah S, Tiffany and as shown below Xcite, Xtreme and Sparkle – Wow take a look at some of these

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Wedding Fair Invitation

Bourne Hall 29th January 2012

11am- 4pm


Brides Visited will be holding their spectacular wedding fair at Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell on Sunday the 29th January ‘12.  Doors open at 11am until 4pm, free admission.


We will be presenting our Gorgeous Bridal Gowns, Fabulous Photography, and Supreme Wedding Cars, not forgetting the un-missable Fashion shows held throughout the day.


Video, Hair & make-up, wedding cakes, honeymoons.  Gift lists, Rings, Balloons, Florists and much more.  A wealth of knowledge and expertise not to be missed, all in one place.


For further information please contact us at Brides Visited on 01372 272300 or check out our website at www.bridesvisited.co.uk